Impact of COVID-19 on Employee Productivity

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“COVID-19” is the most used and searched word globally in the last few months. The arrival of this Global pandemic has caught us all off guard. No matter who you are, UK’s Prime Minister or a common Indian man, Corona sees no difference. There are no benchmarks, case studies or recent human history for reference. Every challenge on this ever-changing planet has created its own evolution and path. This challenge is new to us but we have already started adapting ourselves to this quantum change in our daily lives and work.

In India ,since March 23rd 2020, the word “Lockdown” is the new normal for all of us. Lockdown has not only affected our personal lives; but also the way we do business. Remote working has become a common , and it has its own impact on employee productivity, both positive and negative.

We have started accepting the new normal and are travelling towards getting back to safe & healthy living. With this altered work style , some people have adapted to the new environment, others still struggle to meet the job demands. According to a recent study by a leading HR consultant in US, more than two-thirds (67%) find it harder to maintain work-life distinction while working from home with childcare and household responsibilities often interrupting people’s workday. With some research done with our own internal / external sources, working from home has the below positive and negative impact on employee productivity during COVID-19.

Positive Impact:

1. Technology adoption improves productivity, technology helps to achieve the desired results faster
2. Paper less environment.
3. People can be reached faster as they are connected effectively
4. Knowledge upgradation through online training programs.
5. Acceptance of cultural change and work towards the organizational goal.

Negative Impact:

1. Some People use remote working to perform personal tasks during working hours.
2. People do not use right Work-life balance methods, which hinders completing their tasks on time.
3. Not creating proper work environment at home leading to health issues
4. People getting stressed due to poor prioritization of work

To ensure that your remote team remains productive with only minimal disruption of day-to-day work it is important to have a better work environment set up as an employee. This could help one to be successful and remain at the top of their game despite the trying times.

1. Set up an Office hour routine for you and your team similar to physical office as before.
2. Be flexible to an extent to understand one’s home needs like managing kids, etc.,
3. Create your own work set up so that your sitting posture is good enough
4. Have a small break in between
5. Create awareness with your family on your critical meetings
6. Keep your Supervisor informed in advance if n need of family time in-between
7. Keep regular virtual contact with co-workers
8. Present yourself professionally during Video calls
9. Ensure your team prioritizes physical health

The new normal is here to stay, so we need to adapt to the changing work environment.We need to accept this change with the right spirit. Nevertheless, we should take time to thank fellow workers in the Government, Police, Doctors and sanitization workers who work tirelessly to keep us all safe and healthy.


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