COVID has been around for over 15 months now, and we know how it spreads. Touching contaminated surfaces and then touching the eyes/ears/nose or inhaling droplets that are released when infected individuals have cough/sneeze are the major reasons for the extensive spread of COVID. Tables , desks , telephones, water coolers , lifts are some common surfaces that can be contaminated.

Simple ways to prevent the spread of COVID-19 at your workplace

  1. Workplaces need to be maintained clean and kept hygienic
  2. Surfaces and objects should be disinfected regularly
  3. Regular hand-washing should be promoted.
  4. Hand Sanitizer dispensers should be placed in prominent locations across the workplace and need to be regularly refilled.
  5. Good respiratory hygiene in the workplace should be practiced.
  6. Face masks (3 ply), paper tissues and closed bins to dispose used tissues and masks should be provided at workplaces
  7. It is better to avoid travel, both local and international.
  8. Regularly check for updates travel advisories from MoHFW and share them with employees.
  9. All persons travelling need to be briefed by a qualified professional and should be provided with protocols of what is to be done and who is to be contacted if they feel sick while traveling.
  10. Avoid sending employees who are at higher risk of contracting infection, especially those with serious comorbidities.
  11. Encourage regular washing of hands and also promote social distancing especially from those who exhibit mild symptoms.
  12. Make sure that all employees follow instructions from local authorities wherever they are travelling.
  13. After employees return from travel they monitor for symptoms for 14 days. They should check their temperature twice a day.
  14. At the slightest visibility of even mild cough or low grade they should stay at home and self-isolate (no contact with even family members) and report to the local authorities for health facility (information can be taken from 01123978046) and inform workplace.

UPSPL assures you the best support to manage your facility and help your organisation in combating COVID.


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