ISO 9001:2015

Water Plant Maintenance - Upspl
O&M of Water and Waste Water Treatment Plants


The depletion of natural resources and environmental deterioration has rendered importance to the treatment of water. Unlike other equipment, water treatment systems are more critical, in terms of operation and maintenance as the parameters of raw water input varies, depending on source, climatic conditions, piping , storing systems etc.

Hence, monitoring the parameters regularly and treatment procedures is of prime importance which necessitates O&M expertise in handling these systems.Today water conservation is of prime importance especially with shrinking water table and larger settlements in specific pockets .Recovery & re-use of waste water (such as Sewage and Effluent) from the processes plays a vital role in assuring uninterrupted supply.UPSPL provides specialized O&M services resulting in maximum recovery with quality for usage after secondary and tertiary treatments.


UPSPL with its strong engineering background understands the criticality and hence we offer O&M services for the range of water treatment systems:

  • Softener systems for Boilers, Cooling towers,chillers, Flushing systems etc.
  • De-mineralized (D.M) plants for processes and high pressure boilers.
  • Reverse Osmosis (R.O) plants for critical processes, drinking water and utility equipment’s.
  • Maintenance of Rain water harvesting systems.

  • With all its complete accessories pre-filtration systems such as Sand filters, Activated carbon filters & all chemical dosing systems.
  • Processes and SOP’s of various input parameters.
  • Guaranteed output quality.
  • Supervision in ensuring the correction procedures in case of deviation in input parameters.
  • Logging in parameters for problem diagnosis.
  • Preventive maintenance for enhancing life of membranes/media.