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In our business, PROJECTS& FMS, what is the role for marketing? Do we need this?

Marketing is not only standardizing our collaterals (company presentation, introduction, catalogues, standard letter heads, visiting cards etc.,) creating our website & maintain it.

It is all about positioning our deliverable in the market place i.e how different we are from our competitor in terms of meeting what the customer want.

Who is going to do this? Marketing Department? Yes, but not only them, we all individual has to do the marketing. How is it possible? It is possible when we are aware of our strength & understand the customer need. To do this effectively every one of us should know our positioning & differentiation in the market place (with customer). If we do this regularly it becomes the culture of our company & there by every one of us will be 100% sunk with our deliverable & differentiation.

How do we Position us? For this we need to know what our unique strength is.

“Engineering Your Comfort” We deliver the customized (tailor made) need of customer from our strength. In project Division our strength is as follows:-


We involve in the design stage of building architecture along with the architect & ensure the energy requirement is minimized to the maximum possible level. The concept here is reduce energy – meet the requirement with high efficient technology – operate & maintain it exactly as per the design.

This is achieved by analyzing the building right from its orientation, climate min/max temperature humidity, rain fall) analysis of the location, Sun path (all 365 days) in the location & it’s effect on the building in terms of heat added inside the building, using sunlight the maximum in the space with proper glasses allowing less heat inside buildings, wind analysis (365 days & possible speed) & natural ventilation possibility etc..,

This way we will reduce the air-conditioning load, light, water conservation and power requirement in a building. Here we undertake the full turnkey services i.e HVAC, Electrical, Fire fighting & Plumbing (water treatment, Sanitation & STP).

The building designed with such above detailing and having a good control of all these parameters effectively throughout the year is a “SMART BUILDING”

Net Zero Energy Building is a smart building where the reduced demand of energy is met through renewable energy generated within project by way solar power, wind power and combined heat and power generation process etc., and not depending from grid power (outside source).

Where is it done?Apartments, Bungalows, Villa / row houses, IT/ITE Office buildings, Mall multiplexes, Hotels, Hospitals, Rretail show rooms, Data Center etc.,


The complete HVAC system in any type of building and industry shall be executed by us on turnkey basis (SITC –Supply, Installation, testing & commissioning). Here some other agency (consultants) would have designed the system and released the tender. We participate in the tendering process and secure the contract. We have all the expertise required to handle turnkey project as BD, Estimation, Engineering, planning, Execution & commercial as departments with estab lished system of delivery. We are approved and worked with all leading consultants in south India.

How will we reach these projects? – Through Architects, consultants, PMCs, Quantity surveyors, Interior Designers.


  • A) We undertake special HVAC projects like Radiant cooling system ; Solar air-conditioning system; Waste heat recovery system ; Various process cooling & heating system ; Hot water & Steam system for various application and smoke ventilation system.
  • B) We undertake HVAC retrofit (up gradation of technology and capacity) projects, Annual Maintenance contracts of HVAC system as well with the existing customers.
  • C) We export our expertise services – We undertake turnkey HVAC projects outside India.

Are you confident now to face a customer on behalf of your company? Are you ready? Can you score yourself for how many enquiries you created for your company and write to HR monthly? – “CHEERS”

Mr. S. Athinarayanan, Director, UPSPL. 


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