Critical Thinking

The new financial year 17-18 had started and team leaders would have shared the business plans & restructuring plans if any to meet our “Aspiration”.

As the new year ushers in hope & confidence to meet our new targets we set for ourselves i would like to dwell on one of our core value of “Critical thinking”. When compared with all other core values this one is little unique and is not normally found in many companies. Hence this one is least talked about.

The literal meaning of “Critical Thinking” which we look up is “To have disciplined thinking that is clear, rational, open-minded, and informed by evidence”.

We believe we need inquiring minds for new ideas, alternate thinking & evaluating options for finding better ways to fulfill our aspirations.

As we evolve every year in the journey of “Growth Orientedness” we will come across situations which we may not have experienced earlier and would be challenging. Hence to tackle such change” “problem solving skills” comes in handy. This value touch dwells on this.

We need new ideas which requires discussion with everybody involved in the situation and sometimes external like our external & internal customers, vendors, consultants etc. if required for taking perspectives. Brainstorm with ‘Open mindedness’ to arrive at different options to tackle the situation.

Now evaluate the options with data if available (informed by evidence) or with external help to arrive at some estimation rather than taking decision merely based out of our belief or feelings.

This reminds me to one of famous quotes of Mr.Narayanamurthy of Infosys – “I believe in God but i take decisions based on Data”.

Short Story on Critical thinking: “The 3 impossible gifts

In a school hostel of various grades, the 12th grade students were allowed to visit their parent only on school declared holidays during the year. The students continuously requested the principal & warden to give permission to visit once in a month but were declined. Because of this regular pressure the principal who is an engineer thought of an idea to put an end to this.

He called his 12th grade students and told them he is allowing them to visit their parents once in a month provided if they come to him with the following gifts – “Fire on Paper” “Water on Paper” & “Wind on paper”.

Many felt that this is a ploy by the Principal to avoid their request. The 12th grade students brainstormed but could not come to conclusion. A smart leader decided to call all students in the hostel to seek their help in solving this situation. After some good thinking and brainstorming by the selected students of different grades they could solve the puzzle and presented the gifts to Principal.

The principal was happy about the creativeness. The gifts were – Paper Lantern (Fire on paper), Water Cup (Water on paper) & Paper Fan (Wind on Paper)


Thanks & Regards
Raja Sekaran


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