In these 11 years of journey we have successfully completed lots of Design Built & Tendered HVAC projects, Process cooling projects, Heating systems (Hot water/steam/hot air), Energy conservation retrofit projects and waste heat recovery system in the project BU. In the services BU we have executed / executing lots of Industrial technical & housekeeping contracts, residential facility management contracts and clear SLA based contracts.

In Projects BU we have also achieved +40% of market presence in southern India while having a continuous growing repeat customer’s support at +60%. In the service’s division we have not lost any customer as dissatisfied since the company’s incorporation.

All this confirms, our customer see “UPSPL” as Reliablecontractor for HVAC contracting & FMS solutions”. This is the BRAND we have created for our self without any focused branding approach. It is like when we say contact Ram to solve your mathematical problems. Here Ram is branded as Mathematics expert.

What is Branding? – The way how we want to be seen by our customer.

Why is that needed? To attract the probable customer

To retain the customer
To make customer to believe
To have a focused growing

To get a premium from customer & more.

Currently we are branded as “Reliable”by our customers due to our belief and behaviors (Core values of the company remains as the culture in the company). Is this enough? How do we take it forward?

It is necessary now to build our brand suitable to support / accelerate our growth. How do we brand our self?

Know you: –

We are unique in terms of providing a right solution to our customer, right from the energy efficient design of a building, energy efficient services scheme / system (MEP) and proving / guaranteeing the same by operating and maintaining it. We have successfully handled more than 500 customers in the past 11 years and serviced their need individually in the above to their satisfaction. We believe that all the above combined solutions (EE building design, EE service system design & O&M of the building) shall be unique and already started getting few appreciable responses and orders from our customers.

Know what you want to be known for: –

We want to be known for providing guaranteed Energy efficient solutions for buildings and factory. A few already provided unique, energy efficient solutions are,ALP global school – Thermal comfort system (considering the building design) with solar air-conditioning system

Turbo Energy ltd – Solar air-conditioning system

TVS Motor Company – Waste heat recovery air-conditioning, inlet air cooling for IC engines and process cooling system

Asian Mall – Two stage air cooled system of hot and dry place air-conditioning need.

UST Global – Radiant cooling system for energy efficiency

Ascendas – Energy conservation retrofit projects and O&M of the same

Ashok Leyland – Mechanized housekeeping services

Rohm & Hues – Defined energy based SLA contract

L & T – Defined energy based SLA contract

Know how to be consistent: –

Make an icon to represent the above capabilities so that +1100 UPSPIANS easily remember, talk & walk on our unique capabilities.

Standardize the working in line with our unique capabilities & beliefs.

Share these schemes and look for opportunity everywhere every probable customer we come across

Know how to communicate your brand in 2 minutes: –

Know the above – Believe the same – practice the same will improve our capability to effectively communicate our brand.

Know to create our opportunity: –

Look for the correct forums to share / participate

+1100 UPSPIANS breathing this in the field will open up lots of opportunities.

Know our limitation &expectation: –

May be volume and size of this single unique projects have to be pre identified while taking off.

If we know all the above “6 knows” we can create our brand which would support / accelerate our growth.

Having known of all the above what could be the iconic representation of this unique capabilities of UPSPIANS?

Can we name it as “TESCO – Turnkey Energy Service Company

UPSPL – A TESCO – A Turnkey Energy Services Company, provides the Net Zero Energy Buildings / High Performance Buildings / by entering into a contract for Design, supply, install, commission and Operate & Maintain to deliver its intended.

May I request UPSPIAN to send their voting to the editorial team either as accepted or not accepted for the above referred Iconic representation?

Thanks & Regards


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