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GREETINGS TO ONE & ALL. 1st quarter of FY 17-18 had ended which has seen “UPSPL team” successfully embracing the new organizational structure & now all businesses in INDIA are embracing change with the advent of new single indirect tax regime of GST.

Change can be threatening but there in the middle of difficulty lives opportunity. Change generally brings in forefront new set leaders & exhibition of new leadership qualities. i was reminded of the book “The Leader who had no title” – by Robin Sharma.

There is only one way a business will win in the new world we’re in and that’s “Growing and developing the leadership talent of every single person throughout the organization “. As an organization it is all about creating an environment where everyone needs to show leadership and everyone drives innovation.

We all have a natural power and “inner leader” to lead that has nothing to do with a big title or how old we are. If we study any great person such as, Gandhiji, Mother Teresa, Mandela, Edison or Einstein – they were not driven by money, title but were driven by the “challenge”

There is an old story about a man who sees three men laying masonry stones for a building. Curious, he approaches the working men to ask about their work. The first one did not reply and when he reproaches him again comes the reply – “Are you blind? Any fool can see I am laying stones.” The second one just pauses, replying curtly, “I’m building a wall. Don’t get in my way.”
But the third one puts down his tools and takes a step back. He proudly surveys his work and says, “I’m part of the team building a great world class library.”


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